Abdelaziz Zerrou / Aglaia Haritz Switzerland.:+41(0)79 296 53 41 Morocco.:+212 (0)6 762 864 63 contact@embroiderers-of-actuality.com www.embroiderers-of-actuality.com


Art Residency in Aley / BEIRUT


Embroiderers of Actuality http://embroiderers-of-actuality.com/ is again in progress in Beirut: after Cairo, Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakech, the project realizes now the 5th chapter in collaboration with Syrian refugee women from the refugee camp of Chatila.

The dialogue with women is again built in order to provoke a critical view on the condition of women in the Mediterranean world with the aim of exploring the political and the social aspects of conflict from the point of view of women.

There’ll be a presentation of the project the 30th April 2015 at Art Residency in Aley.

We are available for any information more and we would be happy to hear soon from you.

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