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Cairo, Egypt, October – December 2013

This project was first carried out in collaboration with Artellewa Art Residency in Cairo, in Ard El Lewa, one of the capital’s most popular and poorest neighborhoods and the Cantonal Commission of Fine Arts in Switzerland. We worked with embroiderers from the Association Huda Shaarawi and with young female students.

While we spoke about topics such as «revolution» and «resistance», the women embroidered on printed images of famous women in Egyptian history, the likes of Huda Shaarawi, Om Kaltoum, Cleopatra, Doria Shafik, Isis, Ipazia, Latifa Al Zayyat, Nabawey Moussa, Zaynab Al Ghazali, etc.

We read and discussed texts written by Nawal El Saadawi, Huda Shaarawi and Miral Al Tahawi.

We focused the discussions with the embroiderers on the theme of the “revolution”, which was on the first page of all newspapers all around the world. We wanted most of all to hear and give voice to local people (women) speaking about “their” revolution, how, where and did it really happen?

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